domingo, 24 de julio de 2011

My Ideal Vacation

I want to go to Paris because this is my dream. I think this is my Ideal vacation, i want to go there with my mother but i want to go in winter because in the winter the climate in really cold and you need to use a lot of jacket or cout the temperature in winter is about 5degrees extremily cold, I want to met the Louvre Museum and Eifel Tower. Paris is a beatiful city located in the north of Frence i really want to go there.

lunes, 27 de junio de 2011

2 Songs !!!

Jessie J - Price Tag

The life is more than money and buying unnecessary things (like dancing), this is what Jessie J tell us in this very creative video.

Travis McCoy - Billionare

Most people believes that the only thing that matters in life is money, but what is really important is to share that money with the poor people that needs a lot of it.

2 countries !

If we look inside Germany, there are lots of good things there, like a hot weather and a low cost of the food and houses in general, it also has good ways of transportation and a very low quantity of traffic.But the levels of crime and contamination are very high.

As we know, Venezuela is a great country to live in, not only by his beautiful environment, but also by his low amount of pollution and warm weather.

In the other hand, the quantity of corruption and traffic are very considerable if you want to live there,and the cost of the main things that you need to survive are expensive.

My house!!!

I live near galerias mall and enelven amparo, avenue c2 81th street palma real, house 09-01.

Well you can find my house because my house is near from mercasa in la limpia avenue.

My house in behind cumbres de maracaibo and sagrada familia hospital 82th avenue :d


She is playing the piano because she is happy
He is craying because he miss his mother

she is sad because she broke up with her boyfriend

I love you and I miss you Daddy!

Felix Miranda
by:Mayleth Miranda

Hardworking, Intelligent, serious, responsable.
Father of Mayleth.
Who loved the basseball, His family and Job.
Who was afraid of being alone or miss his family.
Wanted to see his family together, his daugther graduate from collage and being a wonderful woman!
Resident of my mine as heart <3


I love you daddy, you are the best father in the world!!!

We have a Party!!!

Marialys: Hey Guys! I´m making a shopping list for Hamburguer Party, We don´t have anything ja ja ja...
Mayleth: okay, I'm going with you! what do we need?
Marialys: I don't know! call Juan and ask him
Mayleth: Hi Juan what do we need for the party on sunday
Juan well you to buy some hamburguer bread, meat and vegetables
Mayleth it´s ok and what about drinks?
Juan:no! we don´t need any, we have soda and Juice
Mayleth:Ok bye see you Sunday